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  •   Gedegroup: Efficient Cell Phone Charger and Data Cable Manufacturers

    Shenzhen Gede Electronics, are the top most cell phone charger and data cable manufacturers, providing world class cell phone accessories since a very long time, when there were only few in this industry. Their uniquely designed chargers and data cables make them standalone in the category of luxury and stylish accessories, Shenzhen Products are unmatchable and not be traced out to relate it to any product.

    We have a team of some tentative specialists that are striving hard to find the optimum results. To keep the leading cell phone chargers manufacturer on the top level, our team is at the edge. We have some efficient cell phone data cables, that make your cell phone charging easier and faster, this is the reason where you need to have some good charging cables attached to your cell phones.

    Most of the chargers do have a separate data cable, where these cables can be fixed to any dock. These kinds of cables contain very economic power inverter which can charge your product 10 times faster than the generic cell phone data cables.

    We have variety of colorful chargers of micro 5pin, which is designed and used for apple iphone 4 and iphone 5. We have a matching data cables for 5s gold that suits the best in color, providing a better look to your phone.

    Being the greatest cell phone charger and data cable manufacturer, we have some popular travel chargers as well as some smart car chargers too. These chargers have a standard dock face that that can easily be insulated in the dashboard of your car.

    Gede Group provides you some great accessories and products that are environment friendly, as well as providing you some great services, without consuming high energy. There are many chargers that are available in the market, but the Cell Phone Charger manufacturers like Shenzhen Gede Electronics are one in a million.

    We provide the chargers of smart phones in a very reasonable cost and the depending on the product we have products mostly ordered in bulk. We can provide your order as quicker as you want .As we have chargers and cell phone data cables used mostly in smart phones so we cannot compromise on the quality of the products.

    This is to guarantee that you’ll be enjoying some great quality products, which will surely be worth buying for the futuristic products. Gedegroup the only cell phone data cable manufacturers own this product to be the best and will last for the max years if used properly in safer hands.

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  • PINZUN car charger(2A/1A)
  • i5 usb cable
  • travel charger for samsung(5V 2A
  • note3 usb cable
  • travel charger for samsung
  • 5 in 1 OTG
  • ipad2.1A charger
  • mobile case for Samsung galaxy S
  • case for ipadmin
  • cellphone case for I5/5C/I4
  • cellphone case for iphone
  • cellphone case for samsung S5
  • cellphone case for samsung S5
  • cellphone case for samsung S5
  • I4/4S usb cable
  • colourful car charger for micro
  • megnetic colourful cable I4/I5/M
  • 4in1 cable flash light
  • 4 in 1 cable bee
  • 4 in 1 cable fold
  • 2 in 1 cable,sync & charging
  • 4 in 1 cable gift kit
  • Note3 cable
  • colourful flat cable for micro 5
  • colourful flat cable for iphone5
  • colourful flat cable for iphone4